Corporate and Government Entity Services

Data Center

Get your server rooms cleaned up, keep your already pristine facilities running smoothly, or make sure they stay that way during and after any work that needs to be done in them.


Data Infrastructure installed by IT Professionals for IT Professionals. With high standards so your Layer 1 works and looks perfect.

Fiber Optics

Give your mishandled fiber connections the TLC they need to run optimally again, repair or replace an existing line, or break ground on a new installation.


High quality devices installed by highly qualified hands for when you need eyes everywhere.


Extend your reach with solutions for user device WiFi connectivity and advanced PTP & PTMP networking.

Office Setup

Offices move and expand but your devices don’t, not without a little help. Go from needing to move to now working in your new space, ensuring your devices are handled properly along the way.

Audio Visual

Be seen and collaborate to powerful effect, get that perfect conference room, get that draw dropping video wall, or get that old thing you can’t quite replace yet but just cant stand anymore to work a little better.

User Device

Fix your broken screens, setup scheduled maintenance, upgrade to better, recycle, or destroy your data before disposal.

Small and Medium Business Services

Network Management

A designated network engineer to develop a tailored network environment that maximizes speed, reliability, and security within the confines of your budget.

IT Help Desk

Sometimes a poorly timed technical error can be the reason for the loss of a client and future revenue. Get a skilled agent on the phone when you or an employee need help. Someone who can remotely connect to assist and if need be, show up to get things fixed.

Remote Access

Encrypted remote access is extended for authorized users to their device(s) at no additional charge. Send employees home to work with peace of mind knowing that your company data is not at risk on their personal devices and home network.

Network Emergency

An internet outage can bring business to a screeching halt, we take that just a seriously as you. Critical business dependent outage responses get moved up in priority. We will reroute, reschedule, or redeploy a technician off of a lower priority job.

Office Setups

Ensure that your office space has the best internet connection, and a network put in place tailored to your needs. No waste, no unknowns, and no confusion.

User Device

From purchase and setup to maintenance, upgrades, and inevitably replacement, your users get the devices they need. We keep them maintained so they remain assets.


Protect your business and it’s assets with a professional surveillance system. Thoughtful planning will maximize coverage and minimize liability within a budget.

Advanced Services

With access to an IT department well equipped with a broad range of skillsets you get a one stop shop for almost every technology need that you have.

Residential Services

Device Repair

Get your broken smart device screens replaced, find an expert to diagnose and fix your PC, or to let you know when its time to get something new.

TV Installations

Clean and secure TV wall mounting. Get your cables and devices cleaned up, tucked, and hidden for a classy look.


For those with an above average desire for security and peace of mind, a professional video surveillance system is within your grasp.

Extended Wireless

Extend wireless coverage over your vast estate with a sophisticated network solution.